Home Woodwind Repair
All keys are inspected and made to work perfectly. Once completed there is absolutely no key play. Hinge tubes are swaged and precision cut to work exactly as intended. Any uneven contacts between key posts and rods is corrected and made flush. This gives the keys a smooth, even feel while eliminating key noise. Because there are no shortcuts taken in this procedure, the key action is better than new.

All rods are made straight or replaced. Hinge tubing is also made straight so there is no play between the hinge rod and the hinge tube. No friction is ever left in the key between the hinge rod and the hinge tube.

Once all keys are working perfectly on their rods and all rods are straight and perfectly swaged, the instrument is disassembled cleaned with our new ultrasonic tank inside and out. Minor dents are removed.  Springs are checked and replaced if necessary. The neck of the instrument is thoroughly examined for minor leaks in the socket and around the octave pip. Soldered tone holes are also checked for leaks.

Please note: often a leak in a soldered tone hole is indicative of a much larger problem and may require more work than a standard overhaul provides. Please let us know if you suspect this problem in your instrument. Although we are happy to do this work for you, it will be costly.